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Breakout (issues #1-6)

This storyline introduces the new team, and focuses mostly on the events that bring them all together. Electro causes a mass supervillain break-out, releasing almost ninety supervillains from their cells. Forty-two escape, but the remaining criminals are contained thanks to the intervention of Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Jessica Drew, Spider-Man and Matt Murdock. Concluding that fate has brought together this new team like fate originally brought the first five Avengers together, Cap convinces Iron Man to join a new team of Avengers, inviting the other four heroes who were present at the riot to join; Daredevil declines, but the other three accept. Having contained Electro, the Avengers discover that S.H.I.E.L.D is holding something back about the enigmatic man named Karl Lykos- the man who, it is revealed, Electro was hired to specifically break out, while everyone else just took advantage of the chaos. Lykos's files are restricted even to Spider-Woman and Captain America. Their quest takes them into the Savage Land where they are joined by Wolverine and soon discover Karl Lykos' alter-ego, Sauron, as well as being nearly shot by the second Black Widow.

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