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Writer: Shamik Dasgupta Artist : Abhishek Singh Cover to #1 :Alex Ross Ramayan 3392 A.D. (formerly called Ramayana Reborn) is a new take on the world famous Indian epic, the Ramayana. Created by Virgin Comics, it will feature a new take on the historical original classic, which was written down by the ancient sage Valmiki. The new take on the historic drama will take place in a partly science fiction setting, upholding the age-old philosophy and morality of the tale. In an age of desolation and darkness when the world is dying from the curse that men inflicted upon themselves, a great epic shall take place once again. The spawn of the final destruction that decimated earth wills to carve the world to his own soulless image; he is Ravan the master of the half living race of Asuras. His armies marches across the world invading one land after another and poisoning the earth with his vile mechanoids. But there is hope still and it lies in Ayodhya, the last vestige of the race of humans, a gleaming city that boasts the finest of warriors – Kshatriyas. But even Ayodhya has been infected by the evil that spreads across the world like a contagion, and the prime victim is Rama, the first born of the Maharaj or King of Ayodhya. By treachery Rama is exiled from his land, but in the course of his travels he finds out the true meaning to his existence: he has to become the scourge of the Asuras and the protector of the daughter of earth. Thus begins Rama's journey across the kingdoms, lands and continents, the quest to retrieve the soul of the planet and cleansing of the world of a malevolent darkness that threatens to engulf it. Collecting the first arc containing issues 1 to 5
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