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The Sentry (issues #7-10)

The enigmatic Ronin, recommended by Matt Murdock, joins the team on an expedition to Japan to seize the Silver Samurai. Ronin has not spent much time with the team since, staying in Japan to monitor the Hand, while the Sentry still suffers from his own identity problems, giving him "good days and bad days."

Now that Spider-Woman is an Avenger, Hydra has her right where it wants her. Fortunately, she does the right thing in talking to Captain America. Cap is true to form in confronting Jessica about her duplicity, and she bravely endangers her life by telling her story.

The New Avengers reveal their existence to the world and receive a mixed reception. Ms. Marvel returns to be told that she is, and always will be, an Avenger, though she turns down Captain America's invitation, preferring to re-establish her own solo career as a superheroine first, and the team must face their greatest foe yet: J. Jonah Jameson.

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